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We are Practitioners of the Craft. We have the best free educational materials for crafts on Facebook. Our parent group is Practitioners of the Craft™ .

Below you will find some of the many related sister sites, their internet addresses, links, and a brief description. There are a few questions for the groups that must be answered by everyone or it results in the automatic deletion of requests. The purpose is to keep our Circle safe for pagans or those of interest and any belief of all varieties — whether a Seeker, Druid, witch, Wiccan, any other designated pagan affiliation, simply pagan, or looking for a path. We have something for you.

Practitioners of the Craft™

Welcome to our magickal Circle of PRACTITIONERS OF THE CRAFT™! We offer qualified guidance, free education, support, resources, enlightenment for all, and anyone on the Spiral Path. Most of all, we offer oversight of your safety. To enter freely, simply answer 1 question AND AGREE TO THE RULES (as in all groups). We want you to share and grow in a safe environment, to learn self-care, have fun, and enjoy life.

Established August of 2011 by Practitioners of the Craft, many members with 50 or more years of experience, and with HPs, Authors, Shamans, Reiki Masters, Druids, Seekers, Pagans, and open to all levels. We offer contemporary information and education of the Old Ways to ever expand your foundation of basics in lifelong learning on the Spiral Path with blessings.

To be a member, remember to answer 1 question for the safety of members who are Practitioners of the Craft. Come join the magical universe and joy of being all you can be.

We have a developing website, YouTube Channel, and 20-some FREE educational groups and pages on Facebook, the internet, and other social media sites. If you’re part of this group, you can automatically join any of the others that are not for advanced practitioners.

༺☽::Blessed Be Sisters and Brothers::☾༻

Selene du Ciel, June 25, 2020

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