Dark Moons

What is the Dark Moon?

The Dark Moon is the time when there’s 0% illumination of the moon to the naked eye. The time when there is not even a sliver of moon and of what’s to come on it’s heels — the New Moon. While it may seem obvious to some people, it’s 14 days from the Full Moon.

Some witchy pagans do not use the term Dark Moon, but it helps when considering the ambiguity of what constitutes the New Moon. Like it or not, use it or not, it’s your choice.

What I like about the Dark Moon is that it’s a day of self-reflection. Time to unload. Get rid of whatever has been bothering you, meditate on it, journal it, and get ready for the next phase — the New Moon. New beginnings, setting intentions for the next full moon, being kinder to yourself, and smiling.

☽O☾ ༺☽ :: Dark Moon Blessings! :: ☾༻ ☽O☾

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